How To Check Google Page speed Insights API V5 Lighthouse Released

Google Page speed Insights API V5 Lighthouse Released

Google Page Speed Insights API V5 Released with Lighthouse Speed Tool. Word Press Developers get ready to welcome new features and to make your WP Themes compatible and in accordance with new algorithm.

Class 7 was all planned to be about Word Press Site Speed ; however, Google released new API for traditional page speed feature. Now it’s with lighthouse tool. Things are gonna change rapidly in 2019. There are too many factors enhanced and added in new API. If we right click on any site and inspect element, we can click on Audit and check the following:

1) Performance

2) Progressive Web App

3) Accessibility

4) Best Practices

5) SEO

In PWA checklist, following features are very prominent:

1) Sites must have HTTPS (Important Ranking Factor that could harm Speed as well)

2) Tablet and Mobile Devices Ready Websites / Apps (Word Press Developers note it down)

3) APP URLs need to be loaded while offline.

4) Metadata provision for Add to Home Screen

5) First Load (Initial Paint) needs to be loaded even on Slower Network (such as 3G)

6) Cross Browser Compatibility for Websites (Including CMSs)

7) All pages must have their own stand alone URLs (I’m thinking about one page apps and sites. What’s going to happen. Let’s wait and see?)

8) Page Transitions must not be blocked on network (Smooth Display of Content. WOW).

And the list goes on including Schema and indexed stuff.

So, all famous plugins to enhance Word Press Speed and Optimization will definitely go through an overall (I guess). W3 Total Cache, Fastest Cache, Swift, Super Cache, Jetpack Word Press etc will come up with productive solutions. Let see.

In this Class, we explored a few possibilities. We also discussed about GZIP and mod_pagespeed stuff. But, we’ll have to explore API V5 further.

Following are the links I mentioned in the Class # 7:

Google Page Speed API V 5.0 Released:…

Read About Page Speed Insights:…

API Reference Link:…

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