How To Check Word Press Speed and Optimization – Best Practices

Word Press Speed and Optimization – Best Practices

Word Press Speed and Optimization Terms Explained in Layman’s Style. What are the best practices to boost page load speed? What Google Pagespeed Insights V5 API changed? What’s How to stay in touch with Lighthouse 5 new algorithm features? Let’s explore.

In this Class # 8, we discussed fundamental terms as under:

1) We discussed Protocol.

2) Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)

3) Internet Protocol (IP)

4) File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

5) Hyper Text Transfer Protocol.

Along with a real life example i.e. The VVIP Protocol (Just to make our point clear).

We also explained difference between http (older version) and new http2. What’s human readable and machine readable theory? How http2 will impact our web world?

Then we discussed the role browser. What is API? How browsers communicate? Which methods they use such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera and Safari etc.

We also discussed image optimization in detail. We described two terms:

1) Lossy Optimization

2) Lossless Optimization or compression.

What’s web.p?


New Lighthouse parameters in V5? And much more. Finally we demonstrated how Word Press Plugins will stop ranking sites from now on. Developers will have to implement new API standards in their Progressive APPS.

We installed Performance Lite WP Plugin from the repository and compared results on localhost (local machine server).

We found no change. WOW.

New standards are inevitable now to speed up wp sites and optimize them for better performance.

Following are the links and topics I mentioned in the Class # 8:

We discussed 7 http methods as under:

GET (widely used method worldwide for APIs & websites)

POST (used to send data/info to api server to update/create/edit stuff)

PUT (same as post but it always produces same result)

HEAD (identical to get but it doesn’t get same results as get method)

DELETE (as the name states, it deletes)

PATCH (similar to post and put methods)

OPTIONS (returns options – what’s supported and what’s not at given url)

Net Speed Test Online Tools: (I love this app)

Word Press Website Analysis and Optimization Best Practices Useful Links Online (Free & Paid):…

HTTP2 Check Online Tool:

(If this link offers a warning, simply search Google for alternative tool. There are many.

Online GZIP Compression Check Tool:…

 If you don’t know how to use Adobe Photoshop to optimize and Save for Web Images/ Assets, you can use the following online tools (Free) to reduce file size:…

Google Developer mentions the following links for minification and compression online tools to minify js, css and html.

You can check them out as well.

Google Page Speed API V 5.0 Released:…

Read About Page Speed Insights:…

API Reference Link:…

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